Terms & Conditions

1. How do I register for SCARS 2024 Meeting?

Registration must be completed online with PayPal or credit card payment (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). When registering on-site, we accept cash (Euro or Dollar) and credit card payment. Wire transfers and checks will not be accepted for payment.

2. What are the registration fees and deadlines


Early Bird
by July 31, 2024

Regular Fee
after July 31, 2024

Physicians & Senior Researchers€ 495€ 595
Non-Physicians, Residents & Junior Researchers€ 385€ 485
Students€ 255€ 295
Developing Country€ 255€ 295
Industry Representatives€ 595€ 295
Exhibitor Badge (Booth Staff only)€ 255€ 255



Early Bird
by July 31, 2024

Regular Fee
after July 31, 2024

Physicians & Senior Researchers€ 275€ 375
Non-Physicians, Residents & Junior Researchers€ 230€ 330
Students€ 145€ 195
Developing Country€ 145€ 195
Industry Representatives€ 395€ 395
Exhibitor Badge (Booth Staff only)€ 255€ 255


3.  Which documents are required to support my registration?

  • STUDENT/RESIDENT/FELLOW: proof of status from university or clinic
  • RN/NP: copy of the current medical license
  • CLINIC STAFF: dated letter of sponsorship from the employer
  • DELEGATE FROM DEV. COUNTRY: copy of passpor

4. Is it possible to visit the exhibition only?

Sorry, there is no “exhibition-only”-pass. To get access to the exhibition hall, you must at least purchase a day ticket.

5. Can I register more than one person at a time

Please contact louis_riedel(at)logi-vent.de if you would like to register a group of at least 8 delegates.

6. I am presenting a lecture during SCARS  Meeting.  Do I have to pay a registration fee?

SCARS2024 Meeting will cover the registration fee for invited faculty members. If you will submit an Abstract you are expected to register and pay the registration fee.

7. What is the refund and name change policy for delegate registrations?

Upon registration for SCARS2024 Meeting, you accept the following refund policy:

  • We will refund 80% of the registration fee, if written cancellation reaches Logi-Vent GmbH on or before April 30, 2024
  • We will refund 50% of the registration fee, if cancellation reaches Logi-Vent GmbH on or before September 30, 2024
  • No refunds from October 1, 2024

Name changes can be made with a € 30 processing fee until Agust 31, 2024. No name changes after September 1, 2024. In the case that your visa should be declined, we do not offer a refund for the registration fee, but will gladly apply the registration towards the next SCARS Meeting.

8. What if I did not receive a confirmation letter/invoice after my registration?

If you did not receive the confirmation email and invoice, please check your spam or junk email folders. If you still can't locate this email, please contac louis_riedel(at)logi-vent.de.

9. How can I get an invitation letter?

Individuals requiring an official letter of invitation from the SCARS2024 Meeting organizers can request one with louis_riedel(at)logi-vent.de.

This is the process for applying for a visa for SCARS Meeting (no liability for the correctness, completeness, or quality of the information provided):

  1. Register for the conference and submit any required supporting documentation (if applicable)
  2. Pay the registration fee in full
  3. Request an invitation letter with  louis_riedel(at)logi-vent.de providing all of the following information:
    • Full name 
    • Country of residence
    • Passport information (passport number, issuing country, issuance date, expiration date)
    • Copy of passport
  4. Complete the relevant visa application form
  5. Pay the non-refundable visa application fee
  6. Schedule a visa interview appointment
  7. Attend the interview
  8. Wait for visa processing
  9. Wait for decision of relevant embassy or consulate to grant or deny the visa

Full details are available on the website of the Thai Embassy and Consulates.

Delegates should begin the visa application process early, including a request for a letter of invitation, ideally at least six months before the conference.

The SCARS2024 Meeting letter of invitation does not financially obligate the conference organizers in any way and nor does it guarantee entry to Thailand. All expenses incurred in relation to the conference are the sole responsibility of the delegate.

In the case that your visa should be declined, we do not offer refunds of the registration fee, but will gladly apply the registration towards the next SCARS Meeting.

10. Recording policy

Recordings, photos, and screenshots of the lectures (in case of a virtual event) in part or in full are expressly prohibited. Violations are prosecuted in accordance with the relevant legal norms.


Logi-Vent GmbH acts as an intermediary and is not responsible or liable for loss, accidents or damages to people or things during the entire congress independently of their origin. Any other agreement will only be effective if in writing and signed by both parties.

Logi-Vent GmbH shall not be liable hereunder on whatsoever legal basis by reason of any cancellation of all or part of the event or by reason of any termination of all or part of the event ahead of schedule on account of any cause that is beyond the reasonable control of Logi-Vent GmbH, including, but not limited to, pandemics, terrorist attacks, general and labor strikes, invasions, hostilities, war, rioting or similar situations, administrative orders from national or local authorities (such as lockdown and quarantine measures, immigration and transporting restrictions), and acts of nature (such as fires, floods, extreme weather), or other emergencies.